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لجنة التضامن مع حراك الريف بالولايات المتحدة الامريكية تصدر اول بيان لها

June 1st, 2017
I the northeast of Morocco lies the Rif region– lauded for its coastal, enchanting cities, as well its rich, elaborative history. One of bravery, fearlessness, valor and an elaborate tribal system based on its indigenous Amazigh culture and language. This is the same region that has been methodically and deliberately ostracized at the hands of the Moroccan throne as a punishment to its people for daring to take a brave stance against the French and Spaniard colonizers early last century when led by Mohamad Ben Abdelkrim Al Khattabi, succeeded in evacuating the area from all remnants of Spanish colonization and founded a modern democratic republic with its own constitution, parliament, currency and flag. They held it down for all of 7 years during which its people tasted life in a democracy where everyone enjoyed their full citizenship rights as opposed to how things were before the French and Spanish protectorates when the Sultan was the sole dictator delegating power to his Qaids in a Makhzen system who were in charge of collecting taxes for him and maintaining the people of Morocco in a semi-serfdom state. In retaliation, Spain joined forces with the Moroccan throne which was none too happy about the regime change, and the French army to eradicate The United Republic of Rif Tribes using internationally banned weapons such as phosgene, diphosgene, chloropicrin and mustard gas the effects of which are still felt in the entire Rif region resulting in the atrocious extermination of tens of thousands and the disfigurement many more and the subsequent exile of the president of the republic Mohamed Ben Abdelkrim Al Khattabi (Moulay Muhand).
Furthermore, when the Moroccan throne regained its superficial independence from France in 1956 and subsequently declared Morocco a totalitarian and autocratic monarchy, The Rifians, who have by then experienced life in a democracy, were not amused by the idea of going back to being repressed and subjugated after the dire price they all had to pay for their freedom. Subsequently, an uprising sprang in years 1958 and 1959, which was met with overwhelming violence at the hands of the Moroccan throne, which mercilessly unleashed its full ruthless war arsenal on the unarmed civilians of Rif in an effort to quell their rebellion. Needless to say, the Moroccan throne left a blood bath and unparalleled carnage in its wake, it mercilessly slaughtered, raped and beheaded thousands with uncalled for rancor toward the populace in an effort to tame the Rif back into submission. To further exact its revenge on the region and its habitants, the Moroccan throne systematically bulldozed down all the factories and investments left over from the colonial era and declared the area a military zone through a royal decree (Dahir) which is legally and constitutionally baseless to say the least, leaving the region living in methodical impoverishment and marginalization ever since. Furthermore, the Monarchy and other French collaborators declared Morocco an Arab country and set forward policies to erase the Rif history and its Amazigh identity and to eradicate any mention of the Rif Republic, its flag or its founder Khattabi. Fast forward to last year since the gruesome state-ordered murder of fishmonger Mohcin Fikri in Al Hoceima city in the Rif region on Friday October 28th, 2016, which was captured on many phone cameras, activists in the city and across most major cities of Morocco took the street to demand an independent investigation to find and punish according to the letter of law, all those who were involved in giving the order to grind him to death in a city owned garbage truck.
The spontaneous protests demanding justice for the martyr Mohcin Fikri have since developed into a full blown List of fair, legal and constitutional Demands in an effort to develop the forsaken and systematically and purposely marginalized region of Rif, and make a dignified life possible within its boundaries. Their socioeconomical and cultural demands include a University for their children to get educated, a Universal Hospital, and a Cancer Center, since the effects of chemical weapons is still felt in the region. Furthermore they are asking to rescind the groundless militarization decree, and to improve living conditions in the region by offering job opportunities and encouraging investments to revive the economy and make it livable for its habitants.
As it has done historically, and instead of listening to the people and sitting down with the movement’s leadership to negotiate the implementation of their demands, the Moroccan system, true to its bloody nature resorted to violence and sheer military force instead to once again repress the Rifians, beat them and arbitrarily arrest them back into submission and suffering in silence. Since the Rifians took to the streets about 6 months ago, the Moroccan system has mobilized a substantial portion of its military personnel and arsenal to besiege Rif, especially al Hoceima city, further intimidating its populace and bringing back a flood of memories of the bloodbaths and massacres of 1958-1959. The uprising, led by Nasser Zafzafi among others, came at a critical time when not only the February 20th movement is still fresh on everyone’s mind, but also when all the marginalized regions of Morocco, especially the south and southeastern parts have had enough of being robbed blind of their natural resources and not having an infrastructure fit for humans in the 21st century. After a massive march organized by the movement in Rif on Thursday May 18th, 2017 in response to the majority government which called them separatists and anarchists havoc wreckers and a danger to the stabilization of the country and some have gone so far as to call them traitors for simply asking for what is rightfully theirs and for displaying symbols of the historical Rif Republic and of their Amazigh identity, the resistance movement in Rif had reached critical mass; all international eyes were watching, the Moroccan regime feeling the heat and thousands of Moroccan nationally and internationally had pledged their allegiance to the resistance movement. Things got very tense in Al Hoceima particularly where Zafzafi resides, and every unit of the Moroccan repressive forces continued to flood the city in an overwrought ambiance where emotions were running at an all times high until this past Friday May the 26th when it all went down hill in a-so-far-unprecedented escalation on the part of the Moroccan regime. The Movement was gaining popularity and many major cities across Morocco and abroad were starting to show their unconditional support to the legitimate demands of the movement while the system lurked in the background feeling watched and bound to respect people’s universal right to peaceful protest since everyone and their brother are now equipped with smartphones with cameras and live broadcast capabilities and for fear that the international community will see its true colors, biding its time and waiting for an opportunity to pounce. When Al Hoceima protesters continued on their peaceful path with their legitimate demands repeating them every day and shouting them from rooftops, the Moroccan system had to create its own opportunity to attack and wasn’t going to wait any longer. So it laid its carefully calculated trap and sat there waiting for Friday. Friday prayers came and the Imam, also an employee of the state, of the ministry of Islamic Affairs to be exact, which takes its orders from the ministry of Interior (The equivalent of the state department in the USA), received his orders for the Friday Sermon. It was to attack the very integrity of the movement by repeating the name calling the government had already started, and urging the protesters to go home and abandon their struggle as, he said, it was degreed by God, in order to keep the country safe. Hearing all this, Zafzafi and his comrades couldn’t resist getting into a shouting match with the Imam, refusing to listen to him taking their very livelihood apart and calling them names in total defiance of the constitution’s article 7 of the third chapter which utterly prohibits the Imams from partaking in political events or taking any political stance whatsoever. Zafzafi then stormed out as did many other activists in other mosques in Al Hoceima, and also in Fez, which went unpunished, but Al Hoceima was a different game altogether. Zafzafi and the entire movement by association fell in the Moroccan system’s trap and it was time to act. The Prosecuting Attorney of al Hoceima issued an arrest warrant for Zafzafi’s arrest and
live feeds directly after the incidents flooded the internet showing scores of riot police in their full gear surrounding Zafzafi’s home, and thousands of activists who swore to protect him filled the streets with military helicopters flying low above the terraces to try to capture Zafzafi and intimidate the populace of Al Hoceima. Closing in from every direction, the repressive forces started to throw rocks at the protesters some of whom threw a few back them despite Zafzafi’s call to cease violence and to not engage the blood thirsty war machine. As he was getting ready to turn himself in, Zafzafi was ushered away by his close comrades and has since been in a secure location which was found out, and the subject of a violent raid, which let to the brutal kidnaping of Zafzafi to an unknown location, many claim he was taken to Casablanca, which has no jurisdiction on the matter and cannot and should not be allowed to detain him without allowing access to an attorney and torture him for days. As if this was not enough, the Moroccan repressive forces went on a witch hunting mission targeting all known activists especially those who acted as alternative media and reported live from every march, every rally and every confrontation with the repressive forces. Arbitrary kidnappings and arrests where, in direct violation to the penal code, the person taken does not know what are the charges against them, and their families don’t know where they are. Furthermore, and in direct violation for their constitutional rights, private residences are being broken into, sometimes searched and vandalized without proper due process, and people detained for conglomerating in public squares and streets in addition to the documented via live feed vandalism committed by the Moroccan system’s armed forces for which they blame the demonstrators in the morning. The number of people detained as insofar exceeded 70, with dozens more of unknown status.
To make matters more confusing, some detainees were transferred to Casablanca, a totally new jurisdiction altogether and false charges have been brought against them such as destabilizing the country and separatism even though said activists never once declared a separatist agenda.Since Ramadhan started a couple of days ago, we are flooded every day with live streams of violent clashes between peaceful protesters and repressive forces throughout the Rif and not just exclusive to al Hoceima. International press covering the events while the local government mouthpieces keep covering up the state-funded violence and showing old footage from their archives of acts of vandalism committed during previous soccer matches by visiting teams and attributing it to the protesters. Gross human rights violations are being committed against the citizens of Morocco in general and Rifians in particular ranging from repression to torture of the kidnaped and the detainees who have been reported injured and mistreated. As such, everyday now, we see that Moroccans ex pats have taken to the streets and public squares in support of Rif, organized committees of supports and sizeable rallies, sit-ins and marches in every major European country and in the USA and issued statement of support strongly condemning the Moroccan regime and its vicious tactics in dealing with the situation. People from around the world are shouting their support to the highly organized movement of Rif and its fair and legitimate demands, and are putting pressure on the Moroccan government to de-escalate the situation and consider the list of demands.This time around the bloody monarchy in Morocco has absolutely no choice but to listen and negotiate, as the streets of Morocco are now a ticking time bomb. The masses have been inspired by the resilience of the Rif activists and have now been reported as taken to the streets spontaneously. Reports of secret gold mines the proceeds of which being smuggled out of the country, as well as the smuggling of billions of dollars to Panama and Switzerland have become common knowledge while Moroccan citizens lack the basic infrastructure fit for humans such as healthcare and education and even daily food and nutrition. Millions of graduates cannot afford work in a country where nepotism and corruption are rampant have nothing to lose and everything to gain by standing up to this system which have been compared to a mafia system. Moroccan System propaganda is weakening as people are referring more and more now to alternative media, shunning the official media outlets who proved to tell a lie after another so it can cover up the system’s crimes against Moroccan citizens and disparage the movement at the same time. The entire country is on the verge of a semi civil war with the majority educated with the Rif, the a minority defending the actions of the monarchy out of ignorance to its crimes and to the actual situation in Rif to the point of actively partaking in the ongoing violence against the peaceful protesters. Human Rights activists, lawyers, educators, thinkers and social media trend setters are ALL coming out in support of the movement while all those who benefit from the current corruption of the system continue to dance to its beats.The Moroccan system is realizing just how serious this situation is and how much trouble it has gotten itself into this time around in the era of technology and easy, credible documentation of all the misconduct, the corruption, the cover ups and the violations it has been getting away with for decades now. It has no other choice but to make some major changes that will yield real results or face the consequences since Moroccan citizens no longer want to be thrown a bone here and there to shut them up, nor do they want bandaid solutions to the cancer that has become the Moroccan system.As such, we, the US Committee in Support of Rif Movement hold the king directly and squarely responsible for the systematic marginalization of the region and the current ongoing uncalled-for violence and escalation in Rif and demand the following:1. That all political prisoners detained on account of their activism in Rif and who were haphazardly transferred to other cities to be remanded back to their original cities immediately and without delay.
2. That all political prisoners detained on account of their activism in Rif who remained in Al Hoceima be released Immediately and without delay.
3. That the Al Hoceima District prosecutor rescinds and calls off the arrest warrant for all activists in the city.
4. To immediately cease all violence, intimidation and provocation of the people of Rif by the Moroccan repressive forces.
5. To immediately execute an exit strategy for the tens of thousands of military and all other armed units that currently besiege the city of Al Hoceima.
6. That the Moroccan regime uses caution to de-escalate and diffuse the situation as it should have been doing since the beginning but failed to.
7. To respect the people’s universal right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression
8. To immediately cease all violations of human rights committed indiscriminately against the populace of Rif and prosecute those responsible for them.
9. To immediately form a responsible negotiating committee to look into the list of demands that Rifians have been fighting for.
10. To Immediately cease all violence against peaceful protesters throughout the country, who take to the streets on a daily basis in solidarity with Rif and its people and for their own rights as well.Signed:
Siham Byah, Massachusetts, USA
Aziz Afoulous, Massachusetts, USA
Mounir El Garroudi, Massachusetts, USA
Sana Abidar, Massachusetts, USA
Elma Achtam, Massachusetts, USA
Mustapha Akebdan, Massachusetts, USA
Mustapha Chawqui, Massachusetts, USA
Said Bel'ati, Massachusetts, USA
Brahim Laamari, Massachusetts, USA
Karim Bakchich, Washington DC, USA
Naoual Belhaj, New York, USA
Kamal ElFahssi, New York, USA
Asmaa Guellaa, New York, USA
Rachida Meziane, New Jersey, USA
Nadia Toufik, New Jersey, USA
FatimZahrae Mabich, Illinois, USA
Hakim Morchid, Illinois, USA
Mohamed Afarfar, North Carolina, USA
Meriem Zentari, Texas, USA
Mhamed Allali, Texas, USA
Hicham El Ouahdany, Texas, USA
Ilham Benyahya, Texas, USA
Saayd Derrouich, Pennsylvania, USA
ElMokhtar Elfryadi, Pennsylvania, USA
Dahbi Elfryadi, Pennsylvania, USA
Nasser Moha, Florida, USA

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